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EM-SEC Technologies, LLC
228B Patterson Ave.
Hampton, VA  23669



EM-SEC Technologies offers a ground-breaking emanation security solution that generates the last barrier in digital defense by creating an “Electromagnetic Fortress” against electronic eavesdropping and airborne hacking. EM-SEC Technologies provides a solution to secure wired and wireless networks by keeping the wireless signals restricted to a specific location through its patented coating system. Learn more about our products »

EM-SEC’s revolutionary coating system was developed to help government, military and commercial enterprises in creating a physical electromagnetic barrier to secure mission critical digital information. The threat of electronic theft and espionage initially effected cold war combatants. Today, this security threat has spread across the entire societal spectrum. The rapid onset of cellular and wireless devices has spawned a pandemic exposure to electronic data theft. Electronic theft is no longer a security issue limited to governments and militaries. Now, any bank, laboratory, hospital, or corporate boardroom is potentially providing an open door for the escape of highly classified or proprietary information.
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